What I overlooked in building a lakehouse

Over the years my husband and I have tackled many projects at our homes, some fearlessly claiming – hey we can do anything!.   And the vast majority of these projects were successful even though we had no experience.  While there are some things you should definitely leave to the experts, with research and following the old adage “measure twice and cut once” you can accomplish some wonderful things.

When we built our lake house there were some things we overlooked or didn’t anticipate and I want to share these through this blog so you can be aware and avoid these mistakes yourself.

I would say the single biggest thing we overlooked in being our own general contractor and without working with an architect who could pull all the aspects of construction together was how the home integrated with our foundation.  While it’s wasn’t a fatal mistake it will require a few adjustments when we finish our basement and it was this.

When you are planning the windows in your basement, make sure they not only provide the light and air you desire for your final finished basement space, but take into consideration your mechanicals and where they are located in relation to the windows.

While our mistake can be rectified by a small boxed in section along the ceiling of our basement to hide the plumbing dropping down from our kitchen,  had we moved one of our windows slightly we would not have had to do this.

So the message for this blog, work with your excavation/foundation company and your builder to align the home build and the foundation for the function and look that you need.

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